Team Building,
Mediation and Conflict Resolution…

This program is based on a model of conflict resolution designed by Dr. Benn. It is founded on his years of mediation and private practice in helping others navigate through conflict. Mark will create an individualized plan for your business that will help your management team learn about themselves and their style of interacting. His disarming approach has a trickle-down effect that impacts entire organizations in a powerful way.

Every academic and business setting can improve productivity through dealing with differences. The objective of this program is to facilitate discussions and help people accept both themselves and others. This process will strengthen your group while creating an atmosphere in which your staff and organization will flourish.

Mirror – Mirror:
A program in the awareness of prejudice…

This presentation is a unique blend of self-disclosure and supportive challenge to assist people in beginning to explore their prejudices. The premise of this program is that we are all inescapably biased. Our life experiences insure that each of us have areas of prejudgment. Each participant is encouraged to “look in their own mirror” to explore the normalcy of their stereotypes and the way in which their beliefs are maintained. Dr. Benn does an exceptional job of eliminating defensiveness via his use of humor around this very sensitive topic.

Keynote Presentations…

Dr. Mark S. Benn shines in the role of conference keynote presenter. He has the rare ability to incorporate the three major elements of a successful conference kick-off or closing. He is able to entertain, teach and motivate people with his humor, sense of timing and customized messages. Each keynote is designed with your conference theme in mind. In his address, Dr. Benn will have your audience laughing and contemplating what they must do to improve both personally and professionally. Mark Benn is a humorist with a message.

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