Mark Benn has spoken to thousands of people in audiences throughout the United States. He is one of the most powerful and effective speakers you will find as he weaves educational stories with his entertaining style to challenge his audience to examine and explore themselves, their families, their workplaces, and their culture.

He has found a way to combine the talents of a university professor and stand-up comedian to deliver the most difficult messages about prejudice, cross-cultural communication, gender roles, workplace mediation and personal struggle. He has perfected a style in which he is able to engage his audience by sharing his passion for the work he does while helping others explore their individual responsibility in creating effective change – whether it is personal or professional.

In his work with your group he will engage you by sharing common life themes and challenges that connect us as we attempt to improve ourselves and the world in which we live.

Email: Tel: 970.691.2656


“Mark is a tremendous trainer.  He makes you feel, makes you think, makes you laugh.  And really in life, what more is there?”
Dr. Janine D’Anniballe, Director Boulder Country Rape Crisis Team

“Mark worked with our management team, and subsequently our entire staff to us recognize our individuality while at the same time we learned to value and accept each others’ differences.”
Maureen Tebo, President/CEO Nations Heritage Federal Credit Union

“Mark has an incredible ability for insight into another’s world: he’s able to understand and gain meaning from what appears sometimes as just simple conversation.  This, combined with his deep compassion and empathy for humans, makes him a most powerful trainer!”
Alma Vigo-Morales, Diversity Specialist, Agilent Technologies

“Mark Benn is one of the most insightful, energetic and humorous speakers that we have had on our campus.”
Gary Pierson, Director of Campus Life, Western State College

“Mark kept the attention of 150 new college students for two hours on a Friday evening.  He is VERY entertaining and wonderfully creative in delivering important messages.”
Lisa Doak, Director Campus Activities, Colorado Mountain College

“Mark has enabled me to look past the financial assets of a person and explore ways I can related with people more from their perspective, than mine.”
James Fay, Certified Financial Planner, State College, Pennsylvania