Psychotherapy with Dr. Mark S. Benn, Psy.D.

Mark S. Benn, Psy.D. is a Licensed Psychologist with 25+ years of experience counseling individuals, couples and families.

Dr. Benn has been trained as a “generalist” but bases his work on humanistic and existential principals of practice that have led him to be a “reality therapist” who believes that people aren’t as fragile as they may sometimes appear. As a result, Dr. Benn focuses on the here and now as he attempts to help people make the changes they are seeking to improve their lives.

Some have described Dr. Benn as a “provocative therapist” who challenges people to confront the issues that have led them to seek therapy. Dr. Benn’s therapeutic style is not for everyone – and he is aware of that. He will work with you to make an informed decision about how to choose the best therapist for your particular concern.

He sees his work like that of a “family doctor” who will build a relationship with his patient that can take them through life and always provide a safe place to talk about the issues that they are reluctant to share elsewhere. He sees his job as working to “get you out of his office” rather than keep you in it!

Since life’s struggles are always evolving, Dr. Benn will work with you to examine the themes that seem to show up in patterns and help you work to make specific behavioral change to improve your life.

Dr. Benn’s specialty areas include: relationships, addiction, oppression, trauma, family difficulties (especially with teens), sexual problems, anxiety and depression, men’s issues; he is frequently sought out as a marriage/couples therapist due to his “no blame” approach to helping couples.

Dr. Benn can be reached via email at:;; or on his cell: 970.691.2656 (texting is fine).